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Jackie Bennion
Behind the Lens DV camera in one hand, steering wheel in the other, Jackie Bennion gives a behind the scenes look at eco-indie filmmaking.
Every Breath

The Air We Breathe, The Cars We Drive
One of biggest factors affecting the quality of the air we breathe is the vehicles we drive. Where better to go looking for the problem and the solution than the Golden State?

Attendant pumping gas
Fuel for Thought
Imagine a trip to the pump where you fill up on French fry grease. In San Diego, the gas station of the future is already open.
EV1 at Funeral Home
Death of the Electric Car
A few brave, some might say odd, Americans waited years to drive their first electric car. Then GM pulled the plug...
Larry David
Hybrid Cars are Hot!
Forget the Hummer, this is the breakout year for the hybrid. Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David and others describe their love for the "great green savior."
Every Breath

Californians not only spend more time in their cars than anyone else but also are very much defined by what they drive. There are 31 million vehicles registered in the state and 36 million people living there.

We met several Californians who were making a different kind of statement with the cars they drive — and for some with the fuels they put in them.

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