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Air Quality

Car Talk's Eco Area
Click and Clack, hosts of NPR's venerable automotive advice show, explain and evaluate the options available to environmentally-minded drivers.

California Air Resources Board (CARB)
See what the state with the most stringent anti-pollution rules and the most cars is doing to clean up the air.

Environmental Scorecard
Environmental Defense produced this easy-to-use source for information on air and water pollution in local areas.

Air Now
This government site provides forecasts of air pollution, including health risk factors, for the United States.

Alternative Fuels

U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center
A guide to alternative fuels, including where they come from and where to buy them.

PhysicsWeb: The hydrogen economy blasts off
As fuel-cell buses take to the streets in Iceland, the idea of an economy based on hydrogen rather than fossil fuels is being taken more seriously. (July 2002)

PBS: Frontline World Report
A special report on Iceland, where people are turning away from oil and looking to hydrogen to power them into the future. This section features great links to Icelandic alternative fuel sources. (January 2003)

NewsHour Report on Hydrogen Fuel
This special science report from NewsHour features a debate about whether hydrogen poses new problems for the environment and an interactive look at how a fuel cell uses hydrogen to generate electricity. (October 2003)

The Alternative-fuel Vehicle Directory
A collection of links to everything you ever wanted to know about alternative transport choices.

Journey to Forever is a pioneering expedition by a small, mobile NGO involved in environment and rural development work. Here you can find Mike Pelly's home recipe for biodiesel, along with a list of more conventional suppliers.

Climate Change and Ecology

My Ecological Footprint
Answer questions about your habits and learn how many acres of biologically productive land are consumed by your lifestyle.

BBC's Hot Topics
A collection of BBC resources, stories, and links on climate change.

The EPA's Climate Change Page
Check out the U.S. government agency's official position on global warming.

Electric Vehicles

Who Killed the Electric Car?
Chris Paine's first feature-length documentary was released by Sony Pictures in June 2006. This comprehensive website includes more about electric cars, alternative fuels and a trailer for the film.

NOW: Interview with Chris Paine
Director Chris Paine talks about his upcoming documentary, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" (June 9, 2006)

Plug-in America
This group advocates the use of plug-in cars, trucks and SUVs to reduce our nation's dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment.

EV World
Online magazine devoted to electric vehicles.

EV Rentals
Next time you rent a car, check for an EV Rentals in the area for some environmentally friendly options.

Hybrid Owners' Pages

This self-styled expert promises "more than you want to know about my experiences with the 2000 Honda Insight gas/electric hybrid automobile!"

Jim Klausen and "Sparky"
This retired science teacher has answered hundreds of questions about hybrid cars in newsgroups.

Ernst Schmidbauer, Prius Owner
Ernst compares his European Prius to its American counterpart. He also likes to remind people he can drive any speed he likes on the Autobahn.

John from Minnesota
Geek out with all sorts of mileage and performance specs on the Prius.



More Links on Border Talk Guest Pages
Find Links Under "I Recommend..." on These Pages

Carl Safina
Go deeper with these websites about sea turtles and ocean conservation.

Cindy Purcell
Learn more about how rangers protect U.S. national parks.

Douglas Gayeton
More about slow food, Italian butchers on television, and the counter-counter-food culture.

Elizabeth Royte
Get tips on how to produce less waste, and how to get the most use of the stuff you have.

Mount Washington Observers
Cool forecast sites, climate change, and bad meteorology.

Umbra Fisk
Find eco-friendly seafood, measure your car's emissions, and more.


This page last updated on November 18, 2004.


Bottle vs. Tap

The Green Guide's Report on Bottled Water
(registration required)
Sound advice and smart product recommendations for the environmentally conscious consumer.

National Resources Defense Council Report on Tap Water
Find out if your municipal water system makes the grade in this report on 19 U.S. cities.

Organize Your Own Water Tasting
Does bottled water really taste different? Find out for yourself by following these step-by-step instructions.

Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting
Every year, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia holds an International Water Tasting Contest.


Water for Profit
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation presents a series of audio and text reports on privatization of water.

Center for Public Integrity Reports
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, a CPI project, offers this collection of stories on water privatization around the world.

This site, assembled by a group of public television stations in the western U.S., addresses the conflicts over water rights and usage in that region.

Water Quality

Three Simple Steps to Clean and Safe Drinking Water
(registration required)
The Green Guide explains how to identify and remove the most common water contaminants.

EPA: Surf Your Watershed
Search this comprehensive database to find your watershed. Be sure to check out the kids' page featuring games, activities and projects for all ages.

U.S. Geological Survey
A great resource for learning about the condition of water in your state. The site features interactive maps, real-time data, and classroom activities.

EPA: Monitoring & Assessing Water Quality
Did you know only one third of American waterways are regularly monitored by the EPA? Learn how to become a volunteer monitor.




Frontline and Nova's "Harvest of Fear"
A rigorous and balanced report on the risks and potential benefits of biotechnology in agriculture.

GMO-Food Foe Turns to Film
Wired News reports on a "David-thrashes-Goliath victory" for a small anti-GMO group that succeeded in passing legislation banning genetically engineered crops and livestock in Mendocino County, California with a secret weapon, a documentary film called The Future of Food. (July 2004)

Will Frankenfood Save the Planet?
Lengthy article by Jonathan Rauch from the October 2003 Atlantic Monthly. ($$ - subscription required).

Heirloom Plants and Saving Seeds

Iraq's New Seed Patent Law
The Utne Reader reports on the L. Paul Bremer III decreed 20 year moratorium on biodiversity

A Growing Legacy
Kim Erickson article from E Magazine about heirloom seeds.

Why Plant Heirloom Seeds?
Author and gardener Annie Berthold-Bond explains.

Primal Seeds' Gardening Page
Instructions on saving seeds, sprouting, and guerrilla gardening.

How to Save Seeds
Basic guide from the International Seed Saving Institute.

Organic or Not?

NewsHour Report on Organic Foods
Report on how all organic food produced in the United States will soon bear a seal that reads "USDA Organic." (December 2000)

National Organic Program
Site of the US Department of Agriculture's organic certification program. The site includes a helpful brochure for consumers explaining what the "organic" label means.

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
One of the oldest and largest state organic growers' associations.

Sustainable Agriculture

USDA's Alternative Farming Links
USDA's collection of alternative farming resources and links.

World Resources Institute
WRI's collection of sustainable agriculture links.