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Elizabeth Royte

Recent Guest
Mindful Muckraker

Follow the trail of trash with author Elizabeth Royte, as she asks, Where does it all go?


Crossing Borders

Douglas Gayeton
Recent Guest
Explore Italy's vanishing ways of life and the Slow Food movement through Gayeton's evocative images.


Ask Umbra
Current Guest
Grist Magazine's Umbra Fisk provides astute advice on all things green, from "paper or plastic?" to larger consumption issues.

Overheard on Border Talk
POV wants to hear from you. Share your views on environmental subjects, and tell us what you think of this website.

Border Talk Archives
Douglas Gayeton Douglas Gayeton
Mediamaker Douglas Gayeton explored vanishing ways of life
and Slow Food in Italy.

Apr 5-
June 1

Carl Safina Carl Safina
The marine ecologist and author spent two weeks tracking sea turtles along Mexican beaches.

Mar 22-
Apr 5

Ask Umbra Ask Umbra
Grist Magazine's resident
expert Umbra Fisk offered environmental etiquette.

Feb 11-
Apr 2

Elizabeth Royte Elizabeth Royte
The author tracked the flow of garbage from her household to the landfill.

Mar 1-
Mar 15

Cindy Purcell Cindy Purcell
This veteran National Park
Ranger chronicled her job in Utah's Zion National Park.

Feb 23 -
Mar 8

Mount Washington Mount Washington Observers
For two weeks, the observers reported live from the home of the world's worst weather.

Feb 13 -
Feb 27