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Hybrid Cars are Hot!
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All That Glitters Is Green
Ever wondered how certain green products or themes got into movies and TV shows like Larry David's? The greening of Hollywood has been helped along by organizations like the Environmental Media Association (EMA), which signs up willing stars like Cameron Diaz and Edward Norton to promote eco-awareness in their lives and work. The non-profit has created a program called 'gen e' (generation environment) to generate a sort of pop culture 'product placement' that no amount of ad dollars can buy, which is proving effective among the twenty- and thirty-somethings EMA targets.
The group also has its own awards ceremony (surprise!) to honor entertainers who have best tackled environmental issues and raised awareness in their storylines (including a 2003 award for POV's film Fenceline).

Hybrids and Hummers: A Celebrity Drivers list

Honda Insight Hummer H2
Hybrid Drivers:
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jack Nicholson
Bill Maher
Donna Mills
Woody Harrelson
Patricia Arquette
Cameron Diaz
Honda Insight photo courtesy of hondacars.com
Hummer Drivers:
Arnold Schwarzenegger*
Shaquille O'Neal
Don King
M C Hammer
Roger Clemens
Mike Tyson
*Converting 1 to hydrogen-fueled
Hummer H2 photo courtesy of hummer.com
Source: amiannoying.com

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Hollywood Does Hybrid Larry David with his hybrid car

Watch and Listen

It's not like I'm some sort of do-gooder. I just don't like going to the gas station that much. — Larry David
While regular people wanting to watch their pennies and help the environment have been flocking to hybrids, some Hollywood stars have kicked their limos to the curb and given the hybrid an enthusiastic thumbs-up. Cameron Diaz (see our celebrity drivers list at left) was one of the first to go hybrid and Larry David drives one on his hit show and in real life. Find out how David and his environmentalist wife Laurie got bit by the hybrid bug. (2:27 minutes)
In Part Two:
See what they think about hybrid cars in L.A.
The Klausens with their Toyota Prius

Where Do You Stand?
If you drive a hybrid, or have made other individual choices to help improve the environment around you, we'd love to hear your stories and ideas. Or maybe you love your SUV or Hummer and want to tell the world?
Share Your Story, Read Others'

Pop Quiz
How many barrels of oil a day would we save if everyone in the U.S. drove a hybrid car? Clue: the answer's in our video with Larry and Laurie David.
a. 400,000
b. 4 million
c. 40 million

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