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Brandywine Tomato

Umbra Fisk
In Border Talk
The photographer and pastamaker explores the Slow Food movement in Italy.

The Foods We Eat, The Seeds We Sow
Few of us have time to wonder where our food comes from let alone contemplate the actual seeds that grow into the colorful array of produce we're used to seeing at our local supermarkets. The age-old tradition among farming families to pass down and replant their favorite "heirloom" seeds — a practice that has kept the Brandywine tomato you enjoy today as pure as the one your great granny enjoyed a hundred years ago — is under threat.

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Explore the garden to learn more about the varieties of heirloom seeds still remaining today. William Woys Weaver, food historian and avid gardener, shares the stories that these precious seeds have to tell. And in the game area, find out more about GMO seeds and the Canadian legal case involving 73-year-old Saskatchewan farmer, Percy Schmeiser.

After reading the articles, take a few minutes to check out our two interactive playscapes* — a garden and a game — where you can try your hand at saving seeds, find out more about the cultural history of certain seeds, and post your thoughts on the subject for other visitors to read and respond to. Accomplished seed savers who make it through all three levels of the game will be eligible to receive free heirloom seeds for one of the varieties featured in the garden! (Note: Unfortunately, we can't send seeds outside North America. Sorry international players!)

* Requires Shockwave Player. Need the plug-in?

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