Of Men and War

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Take Action

  • Get involved in or volunteer to support local groups serving veterans.
  • Work with a local veterans organization to host a potluck, barbecue or other social gathering for both veterans and community members. Dispel stigmas and misconceptions by offering a space for veterans and community members to interact, have fun and get to know one another.
  • Create a buddy system for families in your community who are coping with veterans who have returned from service with PTSD. Prepare volunteers with information on local resources, including a referral list of professionals who can help. Provide training on support strategies that are especially helpful for family members of veterans.
  • Hold an education session for police, parole and corrections officers; attorneys and judges; social workers and psychologists; and other professionals who encounter veterans with PTSD.
  • Create a local education campaign to combat stereotypes about PTSD and other mental health issues that prevent people in need from seeking or getting treatment.