Of Men and War

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Join POV's Community Network to borrow Of Men and War for free screenings in your community, classroom, staff trainings, or workshops. Note: Screenings can start May 2nd, 2016.

  • REGISTER: Join the POV Community Network.
  • ACTIVATE: Check your inbox for an activation link and temporary password (email events@pov.org if you do not receive this email).
  • REQUEST: Log in to your POV account and click "Create an Event" to register your screening(s) and request the film.
  • SCREEN: We'll send the DVD to you about one month prior to your event, then you send it back to us after the event. It's that easy!

Screening Toolkit: Resources for organize and promote a screening.

Resources: Free materials to help you bring the conversation around today's most pressing social issues into your community or classroom.

Have questions or want to talk with our team about your event? Send us an email at events@pov.org.