Of Men and War

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Of Men and War
www.ofmenandwar.com — The production company's website offers information and a schedule of international screenings.

www.menandwar.com — The U.S. distributor's site for the film includes information on organizing a screening in the United States or purchasing the film for educational/institutional use.

Online Special Features from POV

To enhance the broadcast, POV has produced a companion website to enable viewers to explore the film in greater depth. The Of Men and War website--www.pbs.org/pov/ofmenandwar--features an interview with the filmmaker; an update on the film's subjects; a list of related articles and books; and educational resources.

Veterans Organizations and Family Resources

Coalition for Iraq + Afghanistan Veterans
This is a clearinghouse of 52 agencies serving veterans who have been deployed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Make The Connection
This website connects veterans and their families to resources and information. It also collects personal stories of veterans that can be sorted by gender, service era and branch, as well as combat experience.

National Veterans Foundation
Among this group's resources are recent reports on PTSD and a guide for attorneys defending veterans in criminal court (nvf.org/attorneys-guide-defending-veterans-criminal-court/).

Stop Soldier Suicide
This civilian organization connects at-risk active service members and veterans with resources to help prevent suicide.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: National Center for PTSD
This division focuses on research and education on trauma and PTSD.

Veterans Coming Home
This cross-platform public media campaign aims to bridge America's military-civilian divide by telling stories, challenging stereotypes and exploring how the values of service and citizenship are powerful connectors for all Americans. Produced by Wisconsin Public Television, in partnership with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Veterans Crisis Line
This organization's resource locator helps veterans find local resources based on their zip codes or states.

Veterans' Families United Foundation
This volunteer organization provides resources and support for veterans and their families coping with war or service related illnesses.