Jean Reynolds

Jean Reynolds

Produced And Directed By
Roger Weisberg

Co-Producer/Co-Director for East Coast Segments
Eddie Rosenstein

Co-Producers/Co-Directors for West Coast Segments
Frances Reid
Pamela Harris

Sandra Christie
Lewis Erskine
Christopher White

Richard Fiocca

Associate Producer
Deborah Clancy Porfido

Production Managers
Tammy Arnstein
Alexis Jallad
Corrie Kaufman
Jessie Pepper

Assistant Editor
Josh Braslow

East Coast Segments

Slawomir Grunberg

Additional Cinematography
John Hazard
Peter Nelson
Brian Danitz
Mark Stoddard

Tom Bergin
William Doll
Richard Fleming
Craig Gibson
Francisco Latorre
Jason Longo
Lawrence Loewinger
Gabriel Miller
Juan Rodriguez
Bernard Russo
John Steadwell

West Coast Segments

Hilary Morgan
Rick Butler
Vicente Franco
Fawn Yacker
Jim Arnold

Lauretta Molitor

Additional Sound
Wellington Jon Bowler
Ray Day
York Phelps

Production Assistance
Dee Ouellette
Adrian Rodelo
Colette Mercier
Aspen Baker
Ruby Privateer
Michelle Silva
Shane Sahadi

Special Thanks
Deborah Hoffmann
SFGTV: City & County Of San Francisco, California

Sound Editors
Dow McKeever
Marsha Moore

Post Production Sound Mixed By
Dow McKeever

Title Design By
Rob Roth

Production Interns
Christopher Borgia
Kaity Cheng
Lea Cho
Heather Clayton
Emily Dimiero
Alexander Emerson
Conor Flynn
Solange Jorge
Andrew Levine
Beth Levine
Mei Chun Lin
Sonal Mahida
Daniel Powell
Sheela Reddy
Dani Rotstein
Jennifer Schoen
Elyse Steinberg
Jessica Windt

Funding Provided By
Annie E. Casey Foundation
Ford Foundation
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Corporation for Public Broadcasting

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in association with Thirteen/WNET New York

Executive Producer for Thirteen/WNET New York
Stephen Segaller

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