Film Update

Barbara Brooks

Barbara BrooksWhat has happen to me and my family? The first thing is that my daughter Egypt no longer lives with me. She thinks the grass is greener on the other side of town at the townhouse of my aunt Catherine, who has more income than me. What Egypt fails to realize is that the grass still has to be mowed. I am fine with her decision. Yoshido is still working as a supervisor at UPS and is doing well financially, spiritually and mentally. Juquan has returned home and is trying to get focused. Dave and Phaniea are successful students. Dave is also participating in the Police Boys athletic program as a wrestler. As for Barbara, she is continuing her education on-line and is doing well. I am looking to work in a more competitive field that will prepare me for my future endeavors. My goals remain the same -- to continue my education until I am Dr. Brooks. I will continue to support my children and set a positive example. The most important thing that has happened is that I realize that the sky is really the limit and that I have the ability to achieve my desired goals.

What was it like to be in the film? At first , the film was more of a non-realistic event until my emotions started to become affected. The film made me feel important and at the same time depressed that my life was the way it was. I must say I enjoyed the attention that I received because I felt that despite all the hard times I had, I was doing the best I could. The film also made me realize that I was very unfortunate to have been so misguided as a child. The focus of education became real, and for the first time I knew it could change my life. There were times that I did not want to continue but the people who organized the shoot were determined to show the real truth, and they were sincere. The completion of the film was a nerve-wracking event. I watched the film only once since I got a copy and this is because I never really knew that my life was the way it is. The struggle continues but it is easier because I know what to do and no one can determine my attitude. The film changed me, my life and the lives of those who have seen it. I have shared it with others and people find it hard to believe that I am she, Barbara Brooks, still the single parent with dreams of a bright future. I do not dwell on the past for it has gone. I am not troubled over the future for it has not yet come. I live. I live in the present and make it beautiful so it will be worth remembering. No matter how long it takes I will fulfill my dreams.

-- Barbara Brooks, March 2006