Sun Kissed

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Sun Kissed
In addition to basic information about the film and filmmakers, the website includes a set of links related to XP and background on the Navajo Nation.


About XP

Genetics Home Reference
The National Institutes of Health provide this basic information on XP, including places to find help with diagnosis and management of the disease.

Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society
This support organization was developed by and for families affected by XP. The website features an extensive section on research and FAQs.

XP Family Support Group
A full range of resources designed to improve the quality of life for families dealing with XP is provided on this website.

Navajo History, Life and Culture

Mystery! American Specials: Skinwalkers
The Navajo reservation is the setting for this mystery, based on a Tony Hillerman novel, so the website includes a set of excellent essays on Navajo life, history and culture.

Native American Disability Law Center
This is the website of Yolanda's employer, an advocacy agency, and it includes an extensive set of links to resources and related organizations.

Navajo Nation Government
This site provides basic information about Navajo history, current government and services. Also see the website of the nation's legislative body, the Navajo Nation Council:

Along Navajo Trails: Recollections of a Trader, 1898-1948
In his memoir, trader Will Evans records and shares what he learned about Navajo culture while "on the trail," including stories he heard about the Long Walk.

Health Equity

Center for Native American Health
The center provides tribal and off-reservation communities with a number of outreach activities, including community health fairs and workshops for parents of high school students.

Unnatural Causes
The website for this documentary series has extensive resources on the impact of social conditions, such as racism and socioeconomic disadvantage, on health status. The site includes a case study about the prevalence of diabetes in one Indian tribe.