Sun Kissed

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Take Action

Find out whether any families in your area have children with XP. If so, meet with them to find out what types of support they would welcome. Alternatively, get involved in national efforts to support families dealing with XP and/or support research aimed at treating or curing the disease.

Dorey offers this prayer for his daughter:

My creator, I am speaking to you again.
Please watch over my baby so that she won't have to suffer, so that I may know she's all right.
My creator, please hear my prayer, With my prayer let beauty be restored, let harmony be restored, let harmony be restored.

At an interfaith gathering, compare Dorey's prayer to prayers with which you are familiar. Then invite each person in the group to craft a prayer for his or her own children and/or the children in your community. Invite all participants to read their prayers aloud. Talk about how the prayers differ and what they have in common.

Work with your school district to ensure that accurate information about Navajo history and culture, including information about the Long Walk, is included in the curriculum.

Host a screening for public health officials and staff. Use a discussion of health equity issues in the film as a springboard to identify and address health equity issues in your community.