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Reportero: Filmmaker Website
Visit the official site for Reportero and get more information about the filmmaker, local screenings and press reviews. In addition to information about the film and filmmakers, the film's website includes related blog posts in both English and Spanish. For additional information, visit the film's Facebook page.



Article 19: "Mexico: Government Launches Protection Mechanism for Journalists"
Named for an article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the organization Article 19 works to defend freedom of expression across the globe. This press release from the organization points out weaknesses in the federal law designed to protect Mexican journalists.

Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR)
The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) is a nonprofit news organization in the United States that reports stories not typically addressed in the mainstream media. The site's blog includes posts from reporters on their experiences.

Committee to Protect Journalists
The Committee to Protect Journalists tracks and publicizes attacks on journalists and offers aid to those who have been attacked. The group's website is available in multiple languages and lists opportunities to join in protests of mistreatment of journalists across the globe.

The Freedom Forum Journalists Memorial
The Newseum hosts this site, which memorializes journalists who have been killed because of their work.

International Press Institute
The International Press Institute assesses the media climate in regions across the globe. It also reports on threats to journalists and offers assistance to those who have been threatened. This website is available in both English and Spanish.

NPR Ethics Handbook
The ethics handbook from National Public Radio (NPR) serves as an example of the kind of standards that guide the ethical practice of journalism.

PEN American Center
This is the website of the U.S. branch of an organization dedicated to protecting writers' free speech. It offers information on issues such as surveillance and privacy and protection of sources, as well as advocacy campaigns related to specific suppression efforts. The site's blog includes a report on the new law in Mexico that offers federal protection to journalists.

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting organizes projects and education initiatives that provide a platform for engaging the public in under-reported global news. The center's Global Gateway program develops resources for community event organizers and has a strong student reporting component.

Reporters Without Borders
Reporters Without Borders protects the freedom of journalists worldwide by monitoring daily threats and assisting journalists working in dangerous areas. The organization's site includes a practical guide for journalists.

Society of Professional Journalists
The Society of Professional Journalists is a trade organization for working journalists. The group's website includes a blog on international journalism that often covers press freedom worldwide.

World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers
The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers publishes research on worldwide press trends and identifies signatories to declarations protecting freedom of the press. The group also tracks the number of journalists killed each year and suggests lessons and provides other materials for engaging young readers in activities related to press freedoms.

Mexico's Drug War

Borderland Beat
This multi-author blog about drug violence on the Mexico-U.S. border provides an example of anonymous-sourced reporting and sharing outside of traditional news outlets.

Fundación MEPI
Offering a mix of English and Spanish resources, this Mexico City-based foundation reports on the impact of drug violence on journalism.

The Guardian: "Mexico's Drug Cartels Target Journalists in Brutal Killing Spree"
This 2012 article uses the 2012 executions of journalists in Veracruz as a departure point for a broader discussion of the murders of Mexican journalists.

Los Angeles Times: "Mexico Under Siege"
This page offers a multimedia summary of Los Angeles Times coverage of the Mexican drug war since 2008 and includes photographs, video and a multimedia map.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international network of students committed to ending the war on drugs. The group's website offers guidelines for starting new chapters.