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Take Action

Write a letter to your congressional representative to raise the issues of press freedom and the murders of journalists worldwide.

Join Speak Justice: Voices Against Impunity, a digital campaign organized by the Committee to Protect Journalists, to demand justice and protection for journalists.

View activist toolkits provided by the Drug Policy Alliance and learn how to take steps to build a movement to end the war on drugs.

Explore ethics in journalism by role-playing a Zeta-based scenario: A reporter at your paper has been assassinated and the government isn't pursuing the case. What do you do? Possible roles include publisher (owner), editor-in-chief (who assigns stories to reporters), photographer, reporter, regular reader and anonymous government source.

Compare the climate for independent media in Mexico with the treatment of journalists in other nations. Share what you learn about the factors that nurture free expression and those that endanger independent reporting.

Invite journalists who have covered the drug war to speak about their experiences. Alternatively, invite journalists whose lives have been threatened to talk about why they are willing to risk their lives for reporting. To contact a journalist for speaking engagements, email the Journalist Assistance Program at the Committee to Protect Journalists: