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What do other religions think about reincarnation?

Tibetan Buddhists believe in the awareness of death and impermanence. This awareness leads to a life guided by the pursuit of value rather than impermanent pleasures.

Most mainstream Christians do not believe in reincarnation.

Hindus believe in a life cycle that includes many rebirths based on karma, which is the law of cause and effect. The next life is always based on the karma — good or bad — created in this life.

Muslims do not believe in reincarnation; instead they believe that heaven or hell is a final destination.

Traditional Judaism believes that the dead will be resurrected. Olam Ha-Ba (the World to Come) refers to the spiritual afterlife. The messiah will come to create a peaceful and prosperous world, where the righteous dead will resurrect and the wicked dead will not.

Photo caption: Yeshi Namkhai watches a dance performed in his honor during his enthronement ceremony (as the reincarnation of Khyentse Rinpoche)
Credit: Luigi Ottaviani

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