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Directed and Produced by
Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt and Nelson Walker III

Produced and Co-Directed by
Louis Abelman

Edited and Co-Directed by
Lynn True

Cinematography by
Nelson Walker III and Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt

Written by
Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt, Nelson Walker III, Louis Abelman and Lynn True

Executive Producer - Africa
Lyn Lusi

Associate Producers
Danielle Wolfe and Katherine Wright

Pree Edara

Eric Mvukiyehe
Richard Kambale
Kinyalolo Kasangati
Pastor Samuel Mayele
Stuart Lunanga
Christian Kanonga
Kulya Nzogu

Sound Designer
Paul Bercovitch

Sound Mixer
Jeffrey Yellen

Online Facility
Final Frame, NYC

Online Editor
Will Cox

Legal Services Provided by
Rosalind Lichter, Esq.

Original Artwork by
Leah Tinari

Production Assistants
Marta Ruperez
Pytchen Kalonda

Special Thanks
Joanne and Nelson Walker II (Nelson's parents)
Susan Seehusen (BJ's mom)
Marie Christine Maitre and Lenny Abelman (Louis' parents)
Dr. Robert and Sandra True (Lynn's parents)
Lyn and Jo Lusi (Hosts in Congo and heads of the HEAL Africa Hospital)
Dick and Judy Anderson (executive directors of HEAL Africa)
Nathaniel, Nili, and Esther de Rothschild (production and story advisors)
Albert Maysles and Gillian Walker (production advisors)
Cecil Esquivel-Obregón (post-production supervisor)

Entire staff of HEAL Africa (Hospital where film is based)
UNICEF - GOMA (permission to film with fistula patients)
Judy Kaye (story advisor)
WITNESS (story advisors)
Hakima Abbas (production and story advisor)
Tamaryn Nelson (production and story advisor)
U.N.FPA (collaborators)
Keefe Murren (production and story advisor)
Lower Manhattan Council for the Arts (fiscal sponsor)
Christiane Kayser and the POLE Institute (production and story advisor in Congo)
Prosper Banyere (Mama Jeanne's husband)
Jacques Abelman (Louis' brother)
Camille and Esther Ntoto (production support in Congo)
MONUC (U.N. mission that allowed us to film with them)
Lt. Colonel M. Aswathi (MONUC officer who took us on missions)
Jennifer Bakody (MONUC press officer)
Sarafina Engfer (font and logo designer)
Karthik Pandian (poster designer)
David Moore (website help)
Michael Bell-Smith (web design)
Horeb Bulambo (production and story advisor)
Mary Kerr and DocuClub (screened the film as a work-in-progress film at Full Frame last year)
Doug Block (moderated our work-in-progress at Full Frame)
Judith Ann Stein and Kenneth Dardick (private donor)
Robert Becker and Zina Rutkin (private donor)
Joan and Troy Gustavson (private donor)
Nathan and Timothy Walker (Nelson's brothers)
Jason Harlow (production and story advisor)
Mary Robertson (production and story advisor)
Megan Cunningham (production and story advisor)
Fellipe Barbosa (production and story advisor)
Sean Mullin (story advisor)
Frédéric Tcheng (production and story advisor)
John Magary (story advisor)
Myna Joseph (story advisor)
Julia Kots (worked on designing fonts)
Ming Kai Leung (production and story advisor)
Lars, Olivia, and Max Perlmutt (BJ's siblings)
Nelson Kim (story advisor)
Jennifer Grausman (production advisor)
Suzi Yoonessi (production advisor)
Chris Teague (production and story advisor)
Julie Sexeny (atory advisor)
Adriana Ambriz (business consultant)
Tobias Munthe (story advisor)
Devon Lake (story advisor)
Alison Lee (story advisor)
Yance Ford (goddess)
Alan Oxman (online facilities)
Sam Seidel (story advisor)
Neda Armian (production advisor)
Laughlin Siceloff (production and story advisor)
J. Bob Alotta (post-production support)
David Frisco (poster layout)

Faculty and Staff at Columbia University (production and story advice):
Prof. Annette Insdorf
Prof. Eric Mendelsohn
Prof. Tom Kalin
Prof. Richard Peña
Prof. Bette Gordon
Lydia Cavallo
Prof. Lewis Cole
Prof. Ira Deutchman
Prof. Maureen Ryan
Prof. Dan Kleinman

And everyone at POV

Support Provided by
Jerome Foundation
New York State Council of the Arts
National Board of Review
Columbia University Institute of African Studies
Columbia University School of the Arts - Film Division
Daniel B. and Florence E. Green Foundation

In loving memory of Joanne Walker
Goma Film Project, 2007

Produced in association with POV |American Documentary Inc.

Executive Producer for POV | American Documentary
Simon Kilmurry