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More about the organizations helping people in the Congo
Take Action
Find out how you can support organizations such as HEAL Africa, featured in "Lumo," that offer medical services and other help to people in the Congo.

Listen to the podcast interview with the filmmakers
Filmmaker Interview
"We did our best to dissolve the traditional power dynamic between the person with the camera and the subject ... We made the camera something that everyone in the group had access to at any time." Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt and Nelson Walker III talk about the making of "Lumo."

Download the discussion guide
Discussion Guide
Teachers and facilitators can use this discussion guide when viewing the film with their students or a group.

Watch an extended video update on Lumo
Film Update
Filmmaker Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt returns to the Congo to find out what has happened to Lumo since the end of filming. Watch an interview with Lumo in which she talks about the message she'd like to pass onto women who have lost hope, and read more about what has happened to this remarkable young woman.