Johnny Cash

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Watch the filmmaker interview
Filmmaker Interview: Robert Elfstrom
Robert Elfstrom talks about the making of Johnny Cash: The Man, His Music, His World.

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Points of View: Share Your Stories
When was the first time you heard the Man in Black? Have you seen Johnny Cash perform? Share your thoughts and memories of Johnny Cash.

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Lesson Plan: Personal Narratives Inspired by Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash's songs frequently reflected his life experiences, and this lesson plan guides users to create their own personal narratives with the techniques Cash used in his lyrics.

Musicians remember Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash Tribute Show
In July 2008, the River to River Festival in New York City featured a Johnny Cash tribute show, called "The Big River Music Project: The Music of Johnny Cash," including artists Marshall Crenshaw, Catherine Russell and Ollabelle. Tune in to streaming audio from this concert.