Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash
The Official Johnny Cash Site
Tune in to Bill Miller's streaming radio show that is all Cash all the time. A new show is posted every Wednesday. While you're listening, click through the photo gallery for a glimpse into the life of the Man in Black.

The BMG Sony Johnny Cash Site
Discover -- or rediscover -- Johnny Cash's vast discography, learn the latest about new releases and read through the Johnny Cash timeline.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Johnny Cash
In 1992, Cash was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The site offers a biography that explores Cash's impact on early rock 'n' roll music as well as a list of "essential" Johnny Cash songs.

Country Music Television: Johnny Cash
Read a brief biography of Cash and take a virtual tour of the house he shared with June Carter Cash and family.

The Guardian: Alone With the Man in Black
In the early 1990s, author Louisa Young, then working as a journalist, interviewed Johnny Cash. In this article, written on the occasion of his death, she recounts that day, and how Cash's wisdom encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Academy of Achievement: Interview With Johnny Cash
In this 1993 interview -- available as audio, video or text -- Johnny Cash talks about his life, his failures and his triumphs.

The New York Times: Johnny Cash, Country Music Bedrock, Dies at 71
Johnny Cash died on September 12, 2003, from complications of diabetes. This obituary provides an overview of his life, his musical career and his lasting influence.

Exclaim: Johnny Cash Timeline
Confused about Cash's complicated life? Canadian music magazine Exclaim has you covered, offering a humorous timeline of the life of Cash.

Slate: Johnny Cash Slept Here
In this article, writer Paul Reyes visits Cash's humble childhood home in Dyess, Ark. and reflects upon his life.

Pardon Johnny Cash
In 1965, Cash was arrested in Starkville, Miss., for public drunkenness and trespassing on private property in order to pick flowers. His night in the local jail inspired the classic song "Starkville City Jail." In 2007, Starkville gave Cash a posthumous pardon to kick off the annual Starkville Flower Pickin' Festival, which celebrates the country icon and his life.

The Nation: Johnny Cash's Redemption Song
This article examines Cash's political side, including his 1964 paean to Native Americans, "Bitter Tears," a portion of which can be heard inĀ Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music.

Friends and Family
Anchored in Love -- June Carter Cash
June Carter Cash was a notable musician and performer in her own right. Google Book Search presents excerpts from a book about June written by her son John Carter Cash.

Native Ground Music: Carter Family Music and History
June Carter Cash was no stranger to the country music world, having been born into the most famous country music act of the early 20th century, the Carter Family Singers. Learn more about the "first family of country music" in this article.

Fellow Folks: Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash were close friends and unlikely collaborators. This Bob Dylan fansite presents an exhaustive selection of quotes that offer a candid look into a strong personal and professional relationship.

Rolling Stone: The Immortals: Johnny Cash
Kris Kristofferson, a musician and actor of no small regard himself, enjoyed a long friendship with Cash, whom he writes about in this article.

Fresh Air: "Johnny Cash: In His Own Words"
This program, which extends over the course of several days, focuses on Cash and features a 1997 interview with him following the publication of his autobiography, Cash, as well as an interview with Cash's producer, Rick Rubin.

Morning Edition: "June Carter Cash's Wildwood Flower"
June Carter Cash passed away on May 15th, 2003, just before the release of her final album, Wildwood Flower, and only a few months before the death of her husband, Johnny Cash. In this Morning Edition segment, she is remembered by her son and producer, John Carter Cash.

NPR Music: Johnny Cash
This aggregate page features links to various articles, performances and recordings by Johnny Cash, as well as recordings by others of his music.

All Things Considered: Inside Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison
Cash's 1968 performance inside California's Folsom State Prison has long been considered one of the highlights of his career. In this episode of All Things Considered, a young journalist who happened to attend recounts his experience at the monumental event.

American Experience: The Carter Family: Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
Cash's in-laws, the Carter family, were one of the first famous country music groups. Learn more about the "first family of country music" on this PBS special.