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Read what critics and journalists have to say about POV’s After Tiller.

“A lucid, even-tempered portrait of physicians who perform late-term abortions. . . . After Tiller does viewers the great service of providing light where there’s usually only heat. . . . No one wants to think about late-term abortion. But After Tiller gives us a language to do just that.”
— Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post

“After Tiller is impressive because it honestly presents the views of supporters of legal abortion, and is thus a valuable contribution to a public argument that is unlikely to end anytime soon.”
— A.O. Scott, The New York Times

“Martha Shane and Lana Wilson manage a rare feat in After Tiller, making a calm, humanist documentary about a hot-button topic. . . . Deserves the widest possible audience. . . . One of the film’s greatest achievements is that it provides a better understanding of why women seek late abortions.”
— Alissa Simon, Variety

“Whether one is pro-life, pro-choice or without an opinion on the issue, After Tiller provides personal insight into a heart-wrenching, complex reality. The film does not pretend to be an answer to the abortion controversy but rather a presentation of the people who are demonized, correctly or incorrectly, for their actions.”
— Duane Byrge, The Hollywood Reporter

“Intimate and heartfelt. . . . The film brings an emotional clarity to an issue in which every nuanced turn of phrase has been made politically complicated.”
— Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times

“Any viewer with an interest in this issue, whether pro-life, pro-choice or agnostic, ought to see this heart-piercing report from the front lines.”
— Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“After Tiller takes the politically divisive, emotionally charged issue of late-term abortions and portrays it with grace, understatement and humanity.”
— Christie Lemire,

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