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Read what critics and journalists have to say about POV’s Big Men.

“Astonishing. . . . Dropping us into a perfect storm of avarice, this cool and incisive snapshot of global capitalism at work is as remarkable for its access as for its refusal to judge. Critics’ Pick.”
— Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

“Boynton’s most impressive feat in Big Men is how she takes an impossibly convoluted scenario, makes sense of it and tells a story that’s riveting on its own but also serves as a parable about greed and human nature.”
— Stephanie Merry, The Washington Post

“Rachel Boynton’s knack for access, on impressive display on this new film about the West African oil trade, should make her the envy of every documentarian. The filmmaker fills the screen with vivid personalities and high-stakes intrigue, equally at home with armed rebels as with Texas millionaires.”
— Steve Dollar, The Wall Street Journal

“This moral-economic drama plays out in backroom deals that Boynton records in all their stunning and at times shameless candor. Grade: A-”
— Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

“No single resource is more essential to modern life than oil, and no film offers a more incisive look at how the enormous wealth oil creates subverts the morality of individuals, corporations, even entire countries than Rachel Boynton’s compelling documentary Big Men.”
— Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“In There Will Be Blood, Daniel Plainview uses vivid imagery to explain his plundering of an oil rival’s resources. . . . In the complex, compelling new documentary Big Men, the combatants can scarcely maneuver their straws without stabbing each other in the eye.”
— Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News

“If you want to know how the world works, as opposed to how we are told it works—or how we wish it might work—you need to see Big Men, a remarkable new investigative documentary about oil, money, Africa and America.”
— Andrew O’Hehir, Salon

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