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Poster for the POV film
Where Soldiers Come From

From a snowy small town in Northern Michigan to the mountains of Afghanistan and back, Where Soldiers Come From follows the four-year journey of childhood friends, forever changed by a faraway war. The New York Times calls the film a “quietly devastating documentary about growing up all too quickly.”

Where Soldiers Come From begins its theatrical run tonight, Friday, September 9, 2011, with screenings at New York City’s Village East Cinemas. Over the next few months, the film will be opening across the country.

(And don’t you forget you can watch the film on POV, starting November 10, 2011!)

Is the film coming to your city? See a list of upcoming show dates below.

Village East Cinemas • New York, NY • Opens September 9 (U.S. Theatrical Premiere)
Gene Siskel Theater • Chicago, IL • Opens September 16
Twin Cities Film Festival • Minneapolis, MN • September 22 – 26
Dallas Video Festival • Dallas, TX • September 22 – 25
Calumet Theater • Calumet, MI • September 25 – 30
Detroit Institute of Arts • Detroit, MI • September 30 – October 2
Michigan Theater • Ann Arbor, MI • October 1
Laemmle Sunset 5 • Los Angeles, CA • Opens October 7
Bend Film Festival • Bend, OR • October 6 – 9
Alamo Drafthouse • Austin, TX • October 12, 13, and 15
Heartland Film Fest • Indianapolis, IN • October 13 – 22
Celebration Lansing 19 • Lansing, MI • Opens in October
Celebration Cinemas • Grand Rapids, MI • Opens in October

Reading Gaslamp 15
• San Diego, CA • Opens in October
Northwestern University Block Theater • Evanston, IL • October 27
Temple Theater • River Fest • Saginaw, MI • November 3 – 8

Trailer for Where Soldiers Come From

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