Abu Jandal from The Oath. Credit: Khalid Al Mahdi

Emmy nominee The Oath interweaves the stories of former
Osama bin Laden bodyguard Abu Jandal, seen driving his cab
in Yemen, and Guantánamo prisoner Salim Hamdan.

Each Friday, we post a selection of viewer comments relating to the week’s film.

This week, viewers watched former Osama bin Laden bodyguard Abu Jandal in The Oath, a story layered with contradiction, irony and tragedy.

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“This was a fascinating insight into the culture, and into the mind and life of one man who was closely associated with bin Laden. It is important to see the humanity of such people, whether we agree with them or not.”

“… this was undoubtedly the most compelling documentary I’ve seen in months.”
Steve Baughman

“The combination of art and investigative journalism in THE OATH is wonderful, rare and extremely compelling. She works the razor’s edge of objectivity and subjectivity with tremendous skill. This film is a gift to us all. Landmark in the essential understanding and “point of view” it provides.”
David Johnston

“The man is a study in deceptiveness – a criminal mind who masquerades as a religious idealist if a murderous one.”

“@povdocs The Oath is great documentary work by @LauraPoitras”
@TCordones on Twitter

“It was remarkable to see the legal, successful, (non-enhanced) interrogation techniques that our intelligence professional used so well. What a tragedy we had political leaders who let fear drive them to abandon it — to our disgrace and endangerment.”
Ruth Jost

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