POV’s brand new season is now in full swing with the American broadcast premiere of My Perestroika Tuesday, June 28, 2011, on PBS. Check your local listings.

In My Perestroika, filmmaker Robin Hessman gives us an intimate look at the last generation of Soviet children. As you meet five former classmates, you’ll witness their coming-of age from living sheltered childhoods in the USSR to searching for their places in today’s Moscow. They describe the ups and downs of life as their country transformed from a hard-line Soviet state, to its reforms under Gorbachev’s perestroika to modern-day Russia. With candor and humor, the punk rocker, single mother, entrepreneur and married teachers paint a picture of the challenges, dreams and disappointments of those raised behind the Iron Curtain. Through first-person testimony, vérité footage and vintage home movies, this beautifully crafted documentary reveals a Russia rarely seen on film.

After you’ve seen how the five classmates have evolved into adults, explore POV’s website for interactive features inspired by the film.

POV’s 24th season continues Tuesday nights through September 27, concluding with a special broadcast on November 10. Keep up with the films at http://pbs.org/pov, on Twitter @povdocs or on Facebook.

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Alva French is a freelance multimedia journalist and was a POV Digital intern in Summer 2011. She has been blogging on French and Francophone music, politics and culture since 2007 and is an aspiring documentary filmmaker. Alva is currently an M.A. candidate in International Reporting at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.