The Reckoning on the website of ENOUGH

The national broadcast of The Reckoning on Tuesday evening triggered an outpouring of support for the film from bloggers passionate about international justice and ending impunity for those who commit crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide.

Over the past month, nearly 200 bloggers have written about the film, recommending it to others and using The Reckoning as a jumping-off point for discussion and debate about the questions raised in the film — such as whether the United States should join the International Criminal Court, and whether the court is the best means by which the world might achieve peace and justice for the worst of humanity’s crimes.

Enough, a project of the Center for American Progress that is dedicated to ending genocide posted about the film several times on their blog including one post that features a video interview with Paco de Onis, the producer of The Reckoning. On Wednesday, they held a live webcast discussion hosted by Enough policy expert Colin Thomas-Jensen. The video of their discussion will be available soon on their website.

WITNESS featured a blog post by our own Eliza Licht, director of community engagement and education, on their amazing HUB network, where anyone can upload pictures, audio and video related to human rights violations. The Hub includes documentation of actual events, as well as stories from those who have had their rights violated and those working to uphold human rights around the world. The Hub is organized by topic so you can easily access information about the crimes mentioned in The Reckoning, such as the use of children as soldiers, mass killings and the use of rape as a war tactic.

Other organizations that recommended the film with blog posts and promotional links included Amnesty International, Save Darfur, Citizens for Global Solutions and the Take Part Social Network. Thanks to all the blogs who gave a shout out to this important and compelling documentary.

If you missed The Reckoning on PBS, you can watch it online starting today through August 15, 2009. We look forward to reading more of the great discussion going on amongst viewers of The Reckoning. If you’ve read something interesting that you want to share, please enter links and quotes in the comment section below!

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