Beyond Hatred

Beyond Hatred, which aired on June 30, is streaming online in its entirety until midnight tonight! Don’t miss this amazing film, which follows a family in France as they struggle to deal with the aftermath of their son’s murder by three skinheads. With remarkable dignity, the Chenu family fights to transcend hatred and the inevitable desire for revenge.

The broadcast of Beyond Hatred led POV viewers to leave some amazing comments on our site. One in particular stood out to us. George Whitham wrote:

It’s taken me all of my adult life to appreciate the value of human life. I can honestly tell you, I do know that value. For I killed a man back in 1974 and it was my hatred of myself as well as for all of mankind.

I guess why I’m writing to you is to tell you that the documentary hit me right between the eyes. What affected me the most was the boy’s parents at the end. When they read the letter they had written to their son’s murderer. To be open enough to want to forgive the man who took their son’s life so needlessly. That’s a truly brave and unselfish thing to do. I never knew people could be so forgiving and to open the door for the young man to respond to them.

When the show finished I sat there and cried for a good half hour. I guess that for me it opened a door inside me. I guess I long for the chance to be forgiven by my victim’s family.

To read more of George’s letter and other comments, visit our Editor’s Picks: Viewer Comments page for Beyond Hatred.

We hope you can watch the film and join the discussion!

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