This year, there are so many sites that feature political coverage that it can be almost as overwhelming to wade through the coverage as it is to figure out who really stands for what. Here are a few sites that do a nice job of rounding up audio and video — from news, interviews with the candidates, and thorough analysis — that will help you understand the candidates and their stance on the issues that mean most to you.
The Online NewsHour Vote 2008
Vote 2008: Online NewshourWe are loyal PBS viewers and Web surfers here at P.O.V, so we’ve been looking at the NewsHour’s comprehensive primary coverage for months now. We’re impressed with their site, particularly the Reporters’ Blogs, which are updated around the clock by reporters following each candidate as they crisscross the country in the few hours before Super Tuesday. Even more impressive is the Primary Election Map, which allows you to choose your state for stories from the NewsHour, NPR and local PBS stations about campaigning and issues on the local level. In terms of video, check out the NewsHour’s Candidate Interview Series (see the bottom right-hand link on the main Vote 2008 page), for great one-on-one interviews with the candidates on hot-button issues.
Yahoo! News – Election ’08
Yahoo rounds up news from all over to provide comprehensive coverage of the candidates and the issues. The election coverage section features a roundup of video clips from a range of sites, from CNN to the BBC and Fox News. Also, check out the Democratic Debates mashup: While the field’s narrowed to two by this point, this interactive “mashup” debate, hosted by Charlie Rose, is still a very interesting way to see the candidates speak about their positions. Users select two candidates, pick one of four issues, and then see a short video of each candidate explaining his or her position.
Election Podcasts on iTunes:
Apple gathers a variety of podcasts, audiobooks, and video downloads for easy access through the iTunes portal. Check out the New Yorker’s “On the Campaign Trail” podcast, commentary from, and Vote 2008 from the News Hour with Jim Lehrer.
The New York Times
The Times continues to impress with its multimedia offerings. For an interactive look at who’s endorsing whom, check out “Endorsements of All Shapes and Sizes”. You might also want to check out the video reports by the Times, including the Election 2008 channel. There are also interactive videos and transcripts of the debates, including the January 30 Republican debate and the January 31 Democratic debate.
CNN’s Election Center 2008
CNN maps the road to the White House with full coverage, featuring interactive graphics and analysis. The videos are also frequently updated with clips from news broadcasts.
This site offers links to thousands of Election ’08 videos, from full-length debates and interviews to comedy clips and user-submitted videos from citizens on the street.
Truveo 2008 Election Videos
Truveo provides another great resource for short election-related clips from around the web.
And if you find some more interesting links, please let us know — add a comment below with your favorite Election ’08 videos.

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Catherine Jhee was formerly a producer with POV Interactive.