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Take Action

Donate Books and Help Improve Literacy

In Biblioburro: The Donkey Library, Luis Soriano helps bring books to children who regularly do not have access to them. Learn how you can support Biblioburro, donate books to international and local communities, and assist local literacy initiatives.

Host a fundraiser for the Biblioburro project. Learn how to support Soriano's work with donations of books or funds, at (in Spanish) or Ayoka Productions.

Join or create an initiative to improve literacy in your community. You might look at partnering with groups such as Literacy Volunteers, First Book and your public library system.

Investigate U.S. foreign policy related to Colombia, its paramilitary forces and the violence experienced by civilians. Discuss what you think U.S. policy should be and share your opinions (and evidence for them) with your elected representatives, in letters to the editor, on blogs and so on.

Soriano recites the poetry of Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío. Find more Darío poetry to share with your group, class, congregation or community. Or use the film as a prompt to write your own poetry about your dreams for the future or about people who inspire you.

Donate books to U.S. and international schools and libraries, through organizations such as:Book Aid International, Books for America, Biblionef, International Book Project, Global Literacy Project, UNESCO Libraries Portal, or view this comprehensive directory of book donation programs.