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Luis Soriano: News Updates from the Back of a Burro


CNN Heroes - Luis Soriano
CNN chose Luis Soriano as one of their 2010 Heroes of the Year in the "Championing Children" category. (February 26, 2010)


YouTube: "Biblioburro - The donkey library"
This 5-minute piece on Soriano explains the Biblioburro project and his aim to "build Colombians of the future" — informed citizens who know their rights, duties and commitments.


YouTube: "Artsworld - Colombian donkey travelling books"
This short piece from al-Jazeera English provides some background on Luis Soriano and how he came to start a traveling donkey library. "We want to cheer up the kids — to have them take a pencil in their hands and paint the world the color they want."


YouTube: "Biblioburro updates" (Ayoka Productions)
This video gives a brief update (circa 2009) on Soriano's activities, including opening La Gloria's first library.


YouTube: "BiblioBurro - Testigo Directo"
This Spanish-language report touches on the frustration Soriano experienced as a teacher when his students did not have access to books at home. At the time of production, Soriano had started bringing his netbook computer along on his burro!


Links to Articles

CNN Heroes - Luis Soriano
CNN chose Luis Soriano as one of their 2010 Heroes of the Year in the Championing Children category. (February 26, 2010)

The New York Times: "Acclaimed Colombian Institution Has 4,800 Books and 10 Legs"
This profile of Mr. Soriano by Simon Romero describes the children who eagerly awaited his books and the sacrifices he made to bring them. (October 19, 2008)

The Washington Post: "A Four-Legged Drive To Help Rural Readers"
Monte Reel writes about the weekly journeys made by Soriano, the rise of other Biblioburros and a reading of The Three Little Pigs, complete with pig masks for the children. (September 5, 2005)

El Mundo (Spain): "Recorre Colombia en burro para enseñar a leer"
This Spanish-language article focuses on the dangers Soriano braved on his book-lending route and his trip to America to be interviewed on Larry King Live. (March 10, 2010)

Biblioburro: behind-the-scenes | Ayoka
Ayoka Productions provides a brief introduction to Soriano's past and his inspiration for starting the Biblioburro project.

This Spanish-language page includes information about the spread of the Biblioburro project to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia, where donkeys are used to distribute books between eight schools.