American Revolutionary

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Directed and Produced by
Grace Lee

Caroline Libresco

Austin Wilkin

Executive Producer
Joan Huang

Kim Roberts, A.C.E.

Jerry A. Henry & Quyen Tran

Associate Producer
Eurie Chung

Music by
Vivek Maddala

Animation and Title Design
Syd Garon
Casey Ryder
Studio Number One

Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer
Pete Horner

Additional Editing
Yana Gorskaya

Assistant Editor
Louis Lee

Additional Cinematography
Maine, 1987 and Detroit, 1990
Frances Reid

Additional Camera
Michael Chin
Justin Schein
Rich Wieske

Sound Recordists
Michael Amman
Andrew Amondson
Sara Chin
Brian Kaurich

Post Production Supervisor
Austin Wilkin

Online Editor
Eurie Chung

Suny Behar

Motion Graphics
Vincent Tsu

Additional Motion Graphics
Taku Hazeyama
Benjamin Lindemuth-McRobie
Laura Shapiro

Score Produced by
Vivek Maddala

Post Production Sound Services
Skywalker Sound

Bill Ayers
Angela Davis
Rich Feldman
Danny Glover
Shea Howell
Scott Kurashige
Julia Putnam
Ron Scott
Stephen Ward

Archival Research
Kate Coe
Jose Guzman
Helen Kwong
Lindy Leong
Jennifer Mann
Mara Landa Powell

Michael Donaldson
Donaldson & Callif, LLP

Music Clearance
The Rights Workshop

Fiscal Sponsor
Women Make Movies

Archival Footage
ABC News
Al Jazeera
Archives of Michigan
Associated Press
Barnard College Archives
Boggs Center
CBS News
Critical Past
Democracy Now Productions
Emmalyn II Productions
Getty Images
Prelinger Archives
John Hamilton
Historic Films
Carol Liu
NBC Universal Archives
Public Affairs Television
Frances Reid
Streamline Films
Sveriges Television AB
T3 Media
Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University
WPA Film Library

FINALLY GOT THE NEWS, A Film by Stewart Bird, Rene Lichtman and Peter Gessner produced in Association with the League of Revolutionary Black Workers. Footage courtesy Icarus Films.

FACEOFF AT 55 WALL ST. © Middle East Crisis Committee 2011. Stanley Heller videographer.

Archival Photographs
Dept. of Special Collections, UCSB
Tina Lee Cronkhite
Peter Glaberman
Shea Howell
Library of Congress
Rosa Naparstek
Detroit Public Library
University of Michigan - Labadie Collection

"Elegy (Plain Black Boy)"
Written by Gwendolyn Brooks, Oscar Brown Jr.
Performed by Oscar Brown Jr.
Courtesy of Sony Music

"Run, Charlie, Run"
Written by Clarence King, Jan Foreman
Performed by The Temptations
Courtesy of Motown Records under license
from Universal Music Enterprises

"Hello Detroit!"
Written by Berry Gordy, Willie Hutchison
Performed by Sammy Davis Jr.
Courtesy of Polydor Records under license
from Universal Music Enterprises

"Detroit Summer"
(i.weaver, r.obryant)
courtesy of Emergence Media

"I Love Nature"
by Joe Reilly
Courtesy Joe Reilly

Funding provided by
The Ford Foundation
Film Independent
Women in Film Foundation Film Finishing Fund
Frank Joyce and Mary Anne Barnett
Lear Family Foundation
And others. A complete list available from PBS.

Executive Producer for American Documentary | POV
Simon Kilmurry

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