American Revolutionary

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Take Action

Take a Grace Lee Boggs quote from the film and make a poster of it that shows why you find it thought-provoking or inspiring. Display your art (either online or in the community or both) and invite people to add their own insights and comments.

As you view the film, make a list of all the different types of activism in which Grace Lee Boggs engages (e.g., reading circles, writing and distributing pamphlets, organizing marches, creating a community garden). Pick one that makes sense for you and your community and start doing it where you live.

Celebrate Black History Month, Independence Day or the anniversary of a significant local civil rights event with a screening and follow-up discussion on the role of reflection or dialectic thinking in sparking political change.

Find veteran social justice activists in your community. Record and share their stories with youth in your community. Use the stories to spark discussions about ways that young people could improve their neighborhoods or their cities and take the lead in creating the community they envision for themselves and the next generation.

Form a study circle to read and discuss books by Grace Lee Boggs and James "Jimmy" Boggs. Perfect the art of conversation!

Take an intractable social issue and think about how Grace Lee Boggs might approach it. How would she use imagination, creativity and commitment to move the dial?