This is My Family: The Winners!

Audience Award

People's Choice Award: Why Not?

Directed by Naomi Nelson

A personal story about one young woman's experience in foster care and how she beat the odds to end up at a four year university. Includes statistics about the number of foster kids graduating and going to college, and intimate conversations with the foster parent who believed in her.

The judges chose a slate of 5 finalist videos that POV website visitors voted on, from November 20 - November 30, 2010. Why Not? won with 1,006 votes! The winner receives an iPod Touch.

Comments from the jurors:

  • "This is the real thing, not polished. She is a great character in the midst of transformation and you can't ask for anything more."
  • "Visually very straight forward but I loved the honesty and the insight into what it is like for a child to raise themselves adapt and then have to fit into a new family. The message that love can help heal and that this girl was able to achieve so much should bring hope to a lot of people in foster care. I would love for this to be shown to teenage foster children. I give this a high mark for the message that is very powerful."
  • "very insightful. meaningful and uplifting"
  • "Strong statement about the idea that family is what you make it. Contrary to popular belief, choosing family can be a conscious voluntary choice. Family can't always choose you without you choosing it."
  • "I really like the way this film was done. It tells a story, but focuses in on the most important aspect -- the singular event where her life changes. Very honest and real."
  • "Very tight and to the point. The narrative from the child was well done and the back and forth from the parent to the child worked perfectly. I liked this film for its on point and simple message"
  • "I like the back and forth between parent and child. Nice dramatic tension. Beautiful transformation story"
  • "Nice inspiring piece about foster family. Very moving."

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