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Created by POV, in collaboration with our Adoption Stories Advisory Board and the Adoption Stories filmmakers, these video modules are an invitation to dialogue. These clips from POV's Adoption Stories (Off and Running, In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee and Wo Ai Ni Mommy) were chosen as discussion tools to engage adoptees, adoptive parents and adoption professionals in important conversation around the various issues and situations they all face. It is our vision that participants will use these clips and the accompanying questions to listen and learn from one another, rather than to debate or judge. We invite participants to expand their thinking and to share their point of view.

For more detailed event planning and facilitation tips, visit the Outreach section of this website.

A Note About Facilitation

The clips and discussion prompts were chosen to address a range of situations and issues. If a clip or question doesn't seem to fit the needs of your group, try the next one. Clips can be viewed in any order and in any combination, except where noted.

As your group convenes, think about how you can set a tone that invites respect, honesty and reflection. You may want to remind people that everyone's story is unique and important, and the experiences of each person in the group, as well as the people featured in the clips, can provide valuable insights.

You may or may not be the best person to facilitate, especially if you have multiple responsibilities for your event. Also, if you are particularly invested in a topic, it might be wise to ask someone more neutral to guide the discussion. If you are looking for someone else to facilitate, university professors, human resource professionals and youth leaders may be specially trained in facilitation and can be excellent resources. In addition to these local resources, groups such as Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute or the National Conference for Community & Justice may be able to provide or help you locate skilled facilitators.

Be sure that your facilitator receives a copy of this guide well in advance of your event!

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