This is My Family: The Winners!

Jury Award

Jury Award: A Look Through My Eyes

Directed by Shalaun D. Nelson

A film about my father and trying to understand where he fits in my life and the impact he's had on me with his actions and his absence.

Our jury, comprised of a diverse panel of parents, youth, filmmakers and celebrities familiar with the issues of adoption and "family" selected A Look Through My Eyes based upon the following criteria:

  • Honest storytelling
  • Execution of the video in a concise, visually appealing way
  • Overall originality and creativity of video

The winner receives an iPad.

Comments from the jurors:

  • "The best of the lot. I love that we never see the father and only hear about him or see what he has written. Very well done. She's capable of doing a feature film."
  • "powerful message hard to look at. very honest."
  • "very honest and revealing look at foster care, relations with birth family and adoption. this girl is strong and a fighter. well done!"
  • "A compelling inside look at what makes a family "real". Left me wanting more."
  • "Really interesting perspective on a family. This film definitely set itself apart from the other pieces, particularly by dealing with heavy issues, its anger, and its negative resolution. I found this film really honest, almost brave. I think the film was put together strongly."
  • "Sad story. Touching. Like the filmmakers voice and introspection and exploration. Feels empowering..."
  • "Great flow, music, editing..."
  • "I liked this film a lot; the format was very open with the child speaking about the issue with the close-up view was very effective..."
  • "I love how this piece opens with a direct to-camera confession about everything 'not being ok' and then it just goes from there into a heart-felt exploration about the filmmaker's relationship to her father. The film is emotionally compelling and visually interesting. There's a strong sense of voice and I hope she continues to make more films."

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