Thank You For Playing

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Take Action

  • Consider any individuals or communities that you think might benefit from playing That Dragon, Cancer and purchase copies for them. Remember to explain what the game is about before they play. (Note: Please exercise caution in sharing the film or game with families or individuals who are currently dealing with terminal illness. Consider whether it is appropriate, helpful or healthy to share at this time. If family members express interest, make sure they fully understand what they are about to experience before watching the film or playing the game.)
  • Screen the film as part of a professional development workshop for oncology/pediatrics/palliative care staff. Follow up with a discussion about the ways in which understanding families' experiences improves medical professionals' ability to provide excellent care.
  • Use the film and the game to give high school students an alternative vision for the possibilities of gaming and encourage them to try creating games themselves, using free-to-use programs such as the MIT Media Lab's Scratch (see Resources). Download a standards-aligned lesson plan to accompany the film at