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During every POV broadcast, we let viewers know they can find out more about certain topics on the POV website by running text alerts across the bottom of the TV screen. Some of the alerts describe features on the POV website and others are about resources we've linked to elsewhere online. In order to make it easier for you to find the features and links related to these topics, we've put together this new resource page listing all the alerts in one place.

Listen to Hamza and Suliman's music
Music from New Muslim Cool
Hear two tracks by M-Team, featuring Hamza and Suliman, as well as other songs from the New Muslim Cool soundtrack.

Read a glossary of Arabic terms
Glossary of Muslim Terms
Do you know what a hijab is? What's a nikah, and how does it affect Hamza and Rafiah? Find out the definitions of some basic Muslim terms.

Watch additional video about the FBI raid
Interviews About the Raid
A former FBI agent, an attorney and journalists try to explain why the FBI showed such force in their search of the mosque, given that the suspect that had stayed at the mosque was already in custody at that point.

Explore our album cover timeline of Muslim influences on Hip-Hop
Hip-Hop Timeline
This interactive timeline traces the commingling of Islamic and American popular culture. Learn more about the Islamic terminology, imagery and ideas in the lyrics of songs by artists such as Public Enemy, Lauryn Hill and Puff Daddy, among others, as you listen to audio clips and watch videos.

Read the full transcript of Hamza's interview
Hamza's Interview: Stop Collaborating
The prison where Hamza was working took away his security clearance at the FBI's request, due to a 2003 interview with him. With the help of an ACLU attorney, Hamza regained his position in the prison and continues to do outreach work with Muslims and Christians. Watch additional video of his conversation with his ACLU attorney, and read the full text of his original interview.