Do Not Resist

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Directed and Produced by
Craig Atkinson

Executive Producer
David Menschel

Laura Hartrick

Edited by
Craig Atkinson
Laura Hartrick

Craig Atkinson

Original Score
Grayson Sanders

Additional Music
Michael Stearns
Blair French

Supervising Sound Mixer
Scott Weber

Sound Effects Editor
Bob Costanza

Sound Mixing Facilities
Smart Post Sound

Post Production Services
Final Frame

DI Colorist
Will Cox

DI Producers
Caitlin Tartaro
Hannah Macdonald

DI Online Editor
Ben Kiviat

Creative Consultant
Ion Furjanic

Fixture Films
TOIL Boston

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Aero Quartet

Margee Weiss

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Fractured Atlas

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Footage Courtesy of
Center for Investigative Reporting, Inc.
C-SPAN Archive
Framepool Inc.
Adventures in the Free State

Poster Art
Variant Creative

From the Album, Picture of the Climates
Written by William Selman

Special Thanks
Heidi Ewing
Rachel Grady
The Solari Report
Steve and Paula Atkinson
Dan Atkinson
Katie Atkinson
Nancy Hartrick
Steve Acker
James Hartrick
Nicole McUmber
Karen Bult
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Tony Hardmon
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Lisa Kerr
Richard Goerling
Victoria Cook
Laura Bult

Outreach Supporters
Filmmaker Fund
Fledgling Fund

Funding Provided by
Vital Projects Fund, Inc.
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Frances Lear Foundation

Do Not Resist was produced by VANISH Films in association with American Documentary | POV.

Executive Producers for American Documentary | POV: Justine Nagan and Chris White

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