Produced and Directed by
Patricia Flynn

Mary Jo McConahay

Director of Photography
Vicente Franco

Jennifer Chinlund

Original Music by
Todd Boekelheide

Associate Producer
Jane Greenberg

Assistant Editor/Post Production Supervisor
Matt DeVries

Location Sound
Matty Nematollahi

Story Development
Mary Jo McConahay

Audio Post Facility
Berkeley Sound Artists

Sound Supervisor
James Lebrecht

Production Sound Editor
Patti Tanscher

Archival Research
Laurie Coyle
Jane Greenberg

Production Manager
David Keller

Video Finishing Services
Video Arts

Ed Rudolph

Symphony Editor
Jesse Spencer

Title and Graphic Designer
Jim Kenney

Additional Cinematography
John Rogers
Witt Monts

Additional Sound
Robert King
Ray Day

Production Assistant Guatemala
Berlin Juarez

Post Production Assistance
Dennis Shin

Original Music Performed by
San Antonio Vocal. Arts Ensemble

Consulting Producer
Ricki Green
Raymond Telles

Humanities Advisors
Jeffrey Ehrnreich, PHD
Nora England, PHD
Susanne Jonas, PHD
Beatriz Manz, PHD
Steffen Schmidt PHD

Pamela Smith
Hazel Tesoro
Tom Winston
Annelise Wunderlich

Additional Footage Provided by
Amnesty International
Mary Ellen Davis
"Haunted Hand" & Tierra Madre & Eros Hoagland

Archival Footage
Guatemala Human Rights Commission
Robbie Hart
National Archives

Skylight Pictures

"When the Mountains Tremble"

Felix Zuita

Song Lyrics from
"Cerre De Los Muertos" by Humberto Ak"abal

Archival Photos
Alain Ichon
Dominican Parish, Rabinal

Ixchel Tradicciones

Special Thanks

The Becker Family
Peter Blackman
Sandy Close
Robert De Gaetano
Maria Angelica De Gaetano
Gail Dolgin
Heather Foote
Andrea Gerstenberger
Denise Grandgenett
Fred Goff
The Haring Family

Andrea Gerstenberger
Denise Grandgenett
Fred Goff
The Haring Family
Rev. Kevin Hollinger
Josiah Hooper
Richard Lee
David Loeb
George Lowell
Nancy McGirr

Diane Nelson
Kim Norstrud
Jed Riffe
Jean-Marie Simon
Jan Van Bilsen
Linda Wilhite

Amnesty International

Center for Human Rights Legal Action
Guatemala Forensic Anthropology Foundation
Guatemala News and Information Bureau
Main Interfaith Task Force
Pacific News Service
Rabinal Widows' Association (ADIVIMA)
Rights Action
San Carlos Foundation
The Communities of Rabinal, Guatemala and Algona, Iowa

Funding provided by
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American people.

Additional Funding Provided by
Wallace Alexandra Gerbode Foundation
Humanities Iowa

Hannah Kranzberg
Maya Miller
Kit Miller
Carol Bernstein Ferry
Pamela Krasney
Unitarian Universalist Services Committee
M. Brinton Lykes

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Produced in association with the
Independent Television Service and

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All rights reserved

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