Bill Nye

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Join POV's Community Network to borrow Bill Nye: Science Guy for free screenings in your community, classroom, staff trainings, or workshops. Note: Screening dates start April 1. Download the Bill Nye: Science Guy Partner One Sheet to learn more about partnership opportunities around the film, and easily share with your community with the Partner Social Media Toolkit.

There are just a couple quick steps to borrow films from our free DVD Lending Library:

  1. Join the POV Community Network. Check your inbox for a link to confirm your email address. A member of our team will approve your registration within 1 business day.
  2. Request: Once approved, log in to your account and click "My Events" to register a screening.

Screening Toolkit: Resources for organize and promote a screening.

Resources: Free materials to help you bring the conversation around today's most pressing social issues into your community or classroom.

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