After Tiller

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Discussion Guide

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This guide is intended as an informational and educational resource as well as a prompt for dialogue after viewing After Tiller. It is designed for individuals and organizations who want to use the film as a conversation-starter and made with the belief that dialogue is critical in the context of the frequently heated debate over abortion and women's rights. In a world where differences of opinion and philosophy have led to not only political debate, but also violence and harassment, we hope that this new dialogue will be built on compassion and empathy. It is our goal for this guide, like the film, to take a humanistic approach, asking us to examine our own judgments critically as we consider the circumstances and the experiences that others are facing. In order to encourage greater understanding of the issues in the film, the guide provides some background information before moving into prompts and activities to generate discussion. We provide a number of ideas, but it is not our intention for you to use all of them in one sitting. Please pick out the discussion prompts or activities that you believe will work best in your context and for the group with which you are working. For more detailed event planning and facilitation tips, visit

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