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Film Update

In July 2013, POV caught up with Nancy Schwartzman, director of xoxosms to find out what's happened since the camera stopped rolling.

POV: One of the things that's also notable about this relationship with Gus and Jiyun is it's really the first love that both of them had experienced. That being said, you want to know where they are now and, and what happened to them after they went through this pretty intense period together.

Nancy Schwartzman: They are living their lives and they're not together anymore, but from what I see from Gus on Facebook, and we've chatted a bit, he has a new girlfriend and he is still in Illinois, and she's from the same town and they seem very well suited for each other. And Jiyun actually went back to South Korea and she was attending school, and last I saw she was traveling through India with a bunch of bohemian friends, living kind of a very cool bohemian life.

I hope that xoxosms provides a window into how young people are exploring each other and exploring themselves, using the Internet. And it's not dangerous and it doesn't have to be fraught. It's sweet and romantic and innocent. And I think a lot of parents and adults have a lot of misinformation about their children and technology. And these are the kinds of stories that are happening too. xoxosms shows that this is happening too and there is intimacy there and these are real relationships and that's a positive thing.