West 47th Street - Bill Lichtenstein and June Peoples

Bill Lichtenstein and June Peoples

Produced and Directed by
Bill Lichtenstein
June Peoples

Spiro C. Lampros

Additional Editing
Bernadine Colish

Story Consultant
Charlotte Zwerin

Principal Photography
Bill Lichtenstein
Mark Petersson

Sound Recording
June Peoples
Tracey Barry

Associate Editor
Greg Sirota

Tamara Burgess
Jean Sebastian

Michelle Materre

Additional Camera
Eddie Marritz
Kyle Kibbe
Ellen Spiro
June Peoples
Greg Sirota
Spiro C. Lampros
Michel Negroponte
Bill Cassera

Additional Sound
Greg Sirota
Caleb Mose
Mark Mandler
Yvo Hanak
Jeffrey Seymann

Edit Room Assistance
Karen Sim
Alina Taalman

Production Assistance
Aryeh First
Rafael Perez
Frances Spisak
Joe Kinard
Sam Hernandez
Hector Otero
Ethan Tzavellas
James Breen
Carmelo Lopez

On-Line Editor
Travis Antolik

Sound Editing and Design
Joe Caterini
Patrick Donahue
Caterini Studios

Lisa M. Bell

Title and Graphic Design
Wee Small Hours Design, NYC

Legal Counsel
Robert Freedman, Esq.
David Lubell, Esq.

Fiscal Sponsor
New York Foundation for the Arts

Barbara Freedman, Singer Travel

Music Clearances
DMG, Inc.

Special thanks to the members and staff of Fountain House, New York City

This film was made possible by the generous support of the following:
Van Ameringen Foundation
National Institute of Mental Health
The Sihler Mental Health Foundation
Constance E. & Stephen Lieber
The Hemmerling Foundation
Marion E. Kenworthy - Sarah H. Swift Foundation, Inc.
The Stocker Foundation
The Dammann Fund, Inc.
Penny & Alistair Johnston
Wellspring Foundation
Telecare Corporation
The Peterson Foundation, Inc.
The Brian A. Bass Memorial Fund

And by Unrestricted Educational Grants from:
Janssen Pharmaceutica Research Foundation
Eli Lilly and Company
Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.
Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Research Foundation

Additional funding provided by:
Bob Ellis
Anne Mai
Barbara Zinn Krieger
Edward & Bernice Lichtenstein
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Osborn
Rachel Forman
Darla Lee Bull
Gary Mihelish

Thanks to:
Karen Bernstein
Nicole Betancourt
James Bopp
Bob Carolla
Mike Faenza
Jeffrey Feller
Wayne Fenton, MD
Donna Fish, CSW and Michael Davis
Jennifer Fox
Elizabeth Gildersleeve
Anette Hoegh Goelet
Frederick K. Goodwin, MD
Erika Gonzalez
Steven E. Hyman, MD
International Center for Clubhouse Development, Inc.
John Kane, MD
Constance E. & Stephen Lieber
Fred Levine, Esq.
Lydia Lewis
Barnett M. Lichtenstein
Bernice & Edward Lichtenstein
Rose M. E. Lichtenstein
Esther Montanez
New School University Media Studies Department
The Family of Frances Olivero
Samantha Paige-Graeber
Phyllis & Walter Peoples
Bray Poor
Gregory Seaton
David Shore, MD
Edith Shuttleworth
Chris Smith
Terra Sonora
David Strathairn
Eleanor Sypher
Starbucks Coffee - 750 Seventh Avenue at 49th Street
Wendy & Kazuhiro Tanaka
Henry van Ameringen
Volunteers of America
Carol Wilder
Heng Wong
Richard Jed Wyatt, MD

There are more than 300 clubhouses around the world based on the Fountain House model. They are overseen by the International Center for Clubhouse Development in New York City.

"In the Mood"
Performed by Howard Williams Orchestra
Written by Joseph Garland
Published by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co, Inc.

"Los Caminos"
Performed by ¡Retumba!

"When It Comes to Love"
Performed by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Courtesy Interscope Records
Under License from Universal Music Enterprises
Written by Scotty Morris
Published by Big Bad Voodoo Music

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West 47th Street
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