Film Update

Jerry D. Longoria

My name is Jerry D. Longoria. I am one of the subjects in the film, "Waging a Living." By doing this film, I really put myself out there. I opened my life for people to see.

This film has moved my life forward. It gave me more challenges and more responsibilities to be a stronger man, a better man.

I have gotten a lot closer to my son and daughter. We write more letters and make more calls to each other, even exchange more pictures. Their lives have changed for the best. My son has graduated high school and my daughter is now a senior in high school. Hopefully someday or someway we will meet again.

As for my relationship, I have a wonderful woman in my life now. Her name is Lally. We met at Walgreens, where she works. The next thing happened and we started dating. We have been dating for six months, and she is my best friend.

My job has been very supportive. They came to me and told me how good a job I have been doing. From a wage of $10.75 an hour, I am back up to $12.10 an hour, which is great. I even got a $500 bonus for never missing a day of work and never being late. This couldn't come at a better time than Christmas to send to my kids.

I'm still living at the Bayanihan House that I call home. I have had worse and I have had better. I heard this saying once in a meeting: it's not what you don't have, it's what you do have that matters. I'm happy at the Bayanihan House. I just hope the rent doesn't get any higher.