Two Towns of Jasper

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Lesson Plan: A Unit on Prejudice and Racism

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The following lesson plans comprise a unit that uses film as a learning tool in the subject areas of American History, Civics, and Government and are written for grades 7-12. These classroom activities include: learning objectives; an outline of the relevant national standards met by the plans; a list of necessary tools and materials; a notation regarding the total time needed to complete the individual lessons; a teaching strategy; assessment recommendations; and extension ideas.

Lesson #1: Examining Prejudice

In this lesson, students take a test to uncover hidden biases, research the struggles of people who are discriminated against, and reflect on their commitment to their beliefs and how they arrived at their own convictions.

Lesson #2: Examining White Privilege

Teachers can use this lesson plan to explore the contributing factors to racism in America. Students examine the legacy of white privilege and the unspoken ways in which it touches their lives, using 26 scenarios from daily life.