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Sierra Leone's Civil War

BBC News -- Special Report: Sierra Leone's Civil War
BBC News Online provides special coverage of the conflict in Sierra Leone with a look at the roots of the conflict, the direct causes that led to war, the teenage soldiers in the rebel army and the plight of the victims through articles, videos and audio. (July 8, 1999)

Human Rights Watch: Sierra Leone
The on-profit organization Human Rights Watch has documented numerous human rights abuses committed in Sierra Leone. Their website offers publications and press releases about the conflict in Sierra Leone from 1998 to the present.

Democracy Now!: Genocide in Sierra Leone
In 2000, the progressive radio and TV news program Democracy Now! talked to various guests about the United Nations' peacekeeping mission in Sierra Leone and the abductions and deaths of troops and civilians in the country. Listen to the 48-minute segment on Democracy Now!'s website.

Amnesty International: Sierra Leone
For updated information on the situation in Sierra Leone, visit Amnesty International's website to peruse reports and urgent actions about the conflict, its effects and its aftermath from 1996 to the present.