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Voices of Adoption
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I. And unto this day a baby is born, and she shall be called Heather Elizabeth Hwa Sook Lee Papp. And the people--whoever they are--shall rejoice? --(circa February 4, 1974, Seoul, South Korea)

I used to think I gave birth to myself; that I opened my mouth and said, "AAAAAAHHHHH" and out plopped 100% of me--a healthy, happy baby girl who gurgled and drooled on herself. This creation myth implies that I carried on with self-sufficiency. I either pulled my baby self up and rapidly learned how to scrounge for food and shelter and clothe myself, or I skipped babyhood altogether and grew into a capsule of a human being--doing fine on my own, thank you very much. It took me quite a few years to shake these notions, and I'm sure I did damage to both myself and others in the process. Today, I stand corrected. I have an antecedent. I am meaningfully connected to others. What I do affects them, and them, me. I need people in my life.

Need. Like a baby wrapped in a blanket and left on a doorstep, crying.

II. So the children gathered on the street and lined up to play the game. A voice announced,"You,over there! Take five baby steps." I hesitated, and then replied, "Mother, may I?" --(here and now, San Francisco, California)
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