Take Action

Provide a public forum for adoptive families to share their stories, perhaps as a way of interesting other families in adoption or helping prospective adoptive families realistically prepare for the challenges of transracial or transcultural adoption.

Conduct an adoption needs assessment to determine which communities in the United States have children in urgent need of homes. Ask local media outlets to help you share the results of your assessment with your community. Consider hosting an information fair or other event where adoption agencies can provide information to those interested in adopting.

Publicize the efforts of support groups for members of families that have adopted across racial or cultural lines. Encourage adoptive parents and their children to share with their peers the unique successes and frustrations that arise from adopting children whose cultural or racial identities differ from their own identities.

In the film, Avery writes some very open and moving letters to her birth mother. Use these as a model and write a letter to someone important in your life, letting that person know how you feel and perhaps asking questions you want answered.

Ask members of your family to define what they think makes a family. Together, share and create your family story. Ask friends to talk about their families and what makes their families special or unique. Share your stories with others at the "This is my Family" website, http://www.pbs.org/pov/adoption/my-family/.