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Alberto Fujimori

BBC News: Profile: Alberto Fujimori
A summary of Fujimori's years in power, this article covers Fujimori's successes, criticism against him and offers a brief timeline of Fujimori's career. Links on the right-hand side lead to other BBC News articles about Fujimori. (January 3, 2006)

Latino Studies Program at Indiana University: Alberto Fujimori
This website aggregates many news articles about Fujimori's political career, his downfall and his arrest.

Human Rights Watch: Probable Cause Evidence Implicating Fujimori
This extensive report addresses the specific charges and evidence that justify Fujimori's extradition to face prosecution and trial in Peru, focusing on five of the most serious cases against Fujimori. The report concludes that there is sufficient evidence to link Fujimori to serious crimes in all five cases. (December 2005)

Truth and Reconciliation Committee: Final Report
The conclusions drawn by the Peru Truth and Reconciliation Committee, which aims to investigate the political violence that occurred in Peru between 1980 and 2000, estimate the number of victims who died at 69,280 individuals. This report assesses the causes of the violence, which included the MRTA and the Shining Path, but also indicts the Fujimori-led state of assassinations and massacres. (August 2003)

Amnesty International: Peru
This site includes press releases related to Fujimori's human rights violations, annual reports compiled by Amnesty International on Peru from 1995 until 2005 and the latest Amnesty International efforts and news from Peru. An extensive summary of Fujimori's human rights violations can be found in the report Human Rights During the Government of President Alberto Fujimori. Reports are available in English and Spanish.

MRTA and Shining Path

Council on Foreign Relations: Shining Path and MRTA
This backgrounder provides a brief overview of the two major terrorist groups operating in Peru and the country's efforts to combat terrorism.

BBC: Profile: Shining Path
In the 1980s, the Shining Path was the most formidable rebel movement in Latin America, causing the deaths of some 70,000 people in its attacks and the counter-attacks it provoked. This article outlines its history, its leaders, and the decline in its membership. (November 5, 2004)

The Nation: The Lori Berenson Papers
In 1995, members of Peru's anti-terrorism force rescued four hostages and arrested 21 members of the the Movimiento Revolucionario Túpac Amaru (MRTA). One of those 21 members was 26-year-old American Lori Berenson. This article explores how Berenson became involved with the MRTA and provides information on the MRTA and the Fujimori government's involvement in the Berenson case. (September 2004)

CNN: One hostage killed in daring Peru rescue
This story recounts the dramatic rescue of hostages after the four-month Japanese embassy hostage crisis. All 14 rebels from the MRTA, who had held 71 hostages, were killed in the Fujimori-orchestrated raid. (April 22, 1997)


Frontline News: The Curse of Inca Gold - Web Exclusive: Montesinos's Web
Watch videos secretly taped by Peruvian spymaster and Fujimori confidant Vladimiro Montesinos and read in depth about the role he and others played in the battle to control the world's richest gold mine in this Frontline piece. (October 2005)

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: Toledo's Challenge
Report on the 2001 Peruvian election of President Alejandro Toledo, Fujimori's successor and the first elected ruler of Indian descent since the 1930s. Includes an interview with a former U.S. ambassador to Peru and a Peruvian political analyst about the future of democracy in the country. (June 4, 2001)

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: Online Forum: Peruvian Hostage Crisis
Transcript of a forum held shortly after the MRTA took the Japanese embassy hostage on December 17, 1996. Jon Miller, a journalist based in Peru, discusses his predictions for the outcome, the demands of the MRTA and whether those demands were legitimate. (February 7, 1997)

NPR Stories

Day to Day: Tired of Toledo, Some Peruvians Long for Fujimori
Reese Erlich reports from Peru on the diminishing popularity of President Alejandro Toledo. Erlich found that some poor communities are even reminiscing about life under the nation's former dictator, Alberto Fujimori, who fled the country to Japan to escape prosecution on corruption charges. (May 3, 2005)

All Things Considered: Peru
The notorious former spymaster of Peru has his first day in court. Vladimir Montesinos faces multiple charges including drug trafficking, embezzlement and human rights abuses. Montesinos is believed to have bribed many of the Peruvian elite to help ex-President Alberto Fujimori cling to power until he fled into exile. Montesinos says he secretly videotaped thousands of these transactions and may soon release the "vladivideos," as they're known, a prospect that makes many of Peru's rich and famous uneasy. (February 18, 2003)

Morning Edition: Fujimori's Campaign
Anne Moncrieff reports that former Peruvian leader Alberto Fujimori has decided to run for president in 2006. He remains popular in Peru, despite having fled to Japan when he faced corruption charges at home. (July 22, 2002)