Film Update

In October 2013, POV caught up with the students from Brooklyn Castle to find out what has happened since filming ended.


Rochelle: Currently, I am going to Stanford University. I want to study Psychology and minor in International Relations. After college, I'm pretty much set on going to law school.

I have been playing chess competitively, but when I got to college I stopped so I could assimilate into the environment — and because I don't really know where to go to play chess in San Francisco. Luckily, that's the only thing stopping me at the moment from playing chess. Soon, I'll play again to prepare myself for the World Youth Chess Championships in the United Arab Emirates in December.

I think chess has helped me learn a lot of important life and educational values that I bring into the classroom everyday. The persistence and attitude of never giving up was really important because it continues to make me work harder on everything I do.

What's your favorite piece on the chess board?

I guess my favorite piece is the queen — cheesy I know — but there's so much power in that one feminine piece. I love it.

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Pobo: I'm at Forest Hills High School right now where I'm a senior. After high school, I plan to go to college and study either economics or international relations. After I graduated from 318, my competitive playing time declined, so I really don't play often. I'm a coach now for I.S.318 on at chess tournaments. I'll be doing that this year from time to time, on a voluntary basis, because of school related events on weekends. I'm a member of my school's We the People team, or the mock congressional hearing team. I'm also a member of Student Government and serve as Vice President. Most importantly, I'm a track and field athlete. I finished fourth in the Outdoor State Championship for the boys shotput.

What's your favorite piece on the chess board?
My favorite chess piece on the board is the rook.

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Patrick: After I graduated I.S. 318 we moved to Neptune, New Jersey on the Jersey Shore. I am a Junior at Neptune High School.

After high school, I want to go to college — hopefully Notre Dame. I want to try to get an ROTC scholarship and be in the military for a while after college, then pursue a job in law enforcement — possibly the FBI or CIA.

I am on the chess team at my high school and also play chess for fun with my friends. Also, I am on my schools lacrosse team and have received a letter for it. I am also in NJROTC and on the drill team. I also recently joined CAP which is The Civil Air Patrol — it's a civilian auxiliary part of the Air Force, and will eventually get my wings to fly planes.

What's your favorite piece on the chess board?
My favorite chess piece is the rook, because with a rook and bishop you can make moves that can change the outcome of a game.

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Justus: Currently, I'm in tenth grade at the Bronx Center for Math and Science. I recently won a 4 year college scholarship to UMBC. I will probably study Medicine, Law or Physics. I'm not sure which yet.

I recently won 3 (the United States Junior Open, The U.S. Cadets and tied for first at the North American Chess Championship) championships and was invited to represent the US in The United Arab Emirates. I'm also involved in the performing arts at my school.

What's your favorite piece on the chess board?
The Knight

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Alexis: I'm a senior at Edward R. Murrow High School. Due to the fact that my high school is a chess school, I still play competitively. In fact, we just won Supernationals which took play in the spring. I do a lot of community service around the school and take lots of AP's! I'm currently trying not to get swamped by senior year and the college process! My ultimate goal is to graduate college and then attend law school! I aspire to be a lawyer some day with hard work and dedication.

What's your favorite piece on the chess board?

My favorite piece is the pawn because determining the type of play, how you use them, and the fact it can become any piece (besides the king) when it reaches the end of the board, to me, that signifies someone's life. Depending on what you do and the actions that follow, you can become anything you want.