Bright Leaves

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For Marilyn, Mariah, and Adrian

Filmed, Edited, Produced by
Ross McElwee

Mark Meatto

Ross McElwee

Associate Producer
Linda Morgenstern

Post Production Supervisor
Stan Sztaba

Sound Mix
Richard Bock

Post Production Consultant
Brad Fuller

Post Production Coordinator
Mark Meatto

Editing Assistant
Mike Masland

Additional Camera
Adrian McElwee

Production Assistants
Pacho Valez
Pablo Colapinto
Shariffa Rhodes-Pitts
David Rosenthal

Betsy Nichols
Perri Chinalai

The filmmaker wishes to express gratitude to those appearing in this film:
Brian Baucom
Dr. Susan Bennett
Ed Bivens
R. Bullock
Jack Clayton
Mary Clayton
Marian Fitz-Simmons
Alan Gurganus
Dr. Steve Herman
Robbie Lane Jackson

Elizabeth King
Mack Lackey
Paula Larke
Dr. Jim Lewis
James MacDougal
Emily Madison
The Massie Family
Matti McClain
Adrian McElwee

John McElwee
Dr. Tom McElwee
Jamie McPhail
Howard McPherson
Kathleen Mooney
Patricia Neal
Jaime Newman
Vlada Petric
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rhodes

William E. Smith
Sherwood Stewart
Dooley Strange
Charleen Swansea
Kerry Walter
Ashzi Welborn
David Williamson
Miss Tobacco, Kitty Fisher
and too many beauty queens to list here

Special Thanks to:
Dan Algrant
Alex Anthony
Steve Ascher
Adam Bartos
Michael Blumenthal

Stanley Cavell
Claude Chelli
Nina Davenport
Andrew Fierberg
Bob Gardiner
Jared Green
Alfred Guzzetti
Hal Hartley
Bruce Jenkins

Jeanne Jordan
Mani Kaul
Marilyn Levine
Julie Mallozzi
Peter McGhee
Susan Meiseles
Kitty Morgan
Robb Moss
Alex Olch

Elise Pettus
Michel Negroponte
William Rothman
Larry Rhu
Lucien Taylor
John Willis
Peter Wilson
Seymour Wishman

Nancy Buirsky and Full Frame Film Festival
Boston Film/Video Foundation
Kahal B'raira Social Action Committee
Hairstylist Academy
North Carolina School for the Arts
Stonehill College
Visionaries Institute
Williams College

Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard University

John Anderson
Doug Bauer
Ilisa Barbash
Randy Bell
Heidi Bliss

Dana Bonstrom
Kelley Brennen
Doug Block
Carl Cacho
Michelle Cacho-Negrete
Diedre Casey
Tom Conley
Verena Conley
Kelli Costello

Ross Cowan
Liz Craig-Olins
Gina Crandell
Gene Creech
Liza Dalton
Millie Dalton
Gwen Dalton
David Edwards
David Fanning

Jay Fialkov
Tina Feingold
Kyle Gilman
Dr. George Howard
Renata Jackson
Sherill Jernigan
Jodi Manasevit
John McElwee
Sarah McElwee

Sally McElwee
Ton McElwee, Jr.
Mike Mayo
Balazs Nyari
Andrew Olins
Sue O'Neil
Steffen Pierce
Anthony Reif
Andy Rice

Dr. Jed Rose
David Roochnik
Courtney Ryan
Kevin Smith
Dan Striebel
Mike Sullivan
Joan Wilkins
Susan Woll
Irwin Young

Tech Assistance
Pete Grana
Travis Kunce
John Koczera

Film Processing
DuArt Film Laboratories

Produced at
The Film Study Center
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cineric, Inc.

Super 16mm & 16mm Blow-up
Cineric, Inc.

Optical Supervisor
Simon Lund

Cineric, Inc

Supervising Digital Artist
Ariel Enriquez Saulog

Color by
Cineric, Inc.

Color Timer
Daniel DeVincent

Shot on Location at:
Duke University
Duke Chapel
Duke Medical Center

Duke Carolina Motor Inn
Duke Homestead
Duke Mansion, and
McElwee Park

A Homemade Movies Production
In Association with WGBH / Boston and CHANNEL 4 / London

Additional Funding Provided by
The American Film Institute
The Film Study Center
The LEF Foundation
The National Endowment for the Arts
The Pinewood Foundation
The Wellspring Foundation

In memoriam
Dick Rogers

Copyright Homemade Movies MMIII

Scenes from Bright Leaf courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Additional Thanks to
Bruce Ricker
Jeremy Williams
Andy Fierberg
Karen Shatzkin